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  • New updates to parasite control guide
    The Control of Worms Sustainably in cattle group (COWS) has released updated chapters of its technical guide to parasite control, at the Animal Health Distributors’ Association conference in Birmingham on 15 January.

  • 13 ag-tech innovators transforming livestock production
    In the endeavour for better animal welfare and improved sustainability, new disruptive innovations are emerging to enable farmers to monitor the health of their herds in real-time, prevent disease outbreaks, and optimise nutrition.

  • Are we measuring ruminant methane emissions correctly?
    Researchers at Oxford University have developed GWP*, a new climate metric that accurately measures the impact of methane emissions on global warming – recontextualising the debate surrounding ruminant methane emissions and climate change.

  • New Agriculture Bill to boost environment and food production
    A future where farmers are properly supported to farm more innovatively and protect the environment is a step closer today following the introduction of the Agriculture Bill.

  • Trade deals to dictate success of the UK's new Agriculture Bill
    Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G), the largest certifier of UK organic land has reacted to the new Agriculture Bill introduced to Parliament.

  • Can the UK farming sector achieve net zero carbon emissions?
    Achieving net zero carbon emissions on-farm was one of the hot topics debated at the Oxford Real Farming Conference on 8 January. Panellists from the House of Commons, Chatham House, NFU, Green Alliance UK and the Nature Friendly Farming Network debated the different methods and challenges of the UK reaching a net zero carbon farming future.

  • First Milk Announces February Milk Price
    UK - First Milk last week announced that its member milk price will be reduced by 0.5ppl from 1 February 2020 on a liquid standard litre basis.

  • Dairy Farmers Back Imports Directive
    KENYA - Stakeholders in the dairy sector now want authorities to move with speed and implement President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directives on milk imports that have disadvantaged producers.

  • Govt Sells Burera Dairy Ltd to Zimbabwean Investor
    RWANDA - The government has found a buyer for Burera Dairy Limited which was floated into the market in September last year.

  • NFU Says Livestock Competition Rule Unlikely to Provide Needed Protections to Farmers
    US - More than two years after failing to finalise a set of rules to protect American family farmers and ranchers from anticompetitive and abusive business practices from the increasingly consolidated meatpacking and processing industries, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) last week released a long-awaited proposed rule that would more clearly define when a company has shown "undue or unreasonable preference or advantages" for one farmer over another.

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