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Could Our Food Supply be in Danger?

By Joyce Morrison, Illinois Agri-Women

I received an email from friends who are farmers in South Dakota telling me that much of their area has been flooded, and where it isn’t flooding, rains have prevented planting. While crops look good in Jersey County, in a brief moment this could change with the erratic weather patterns. It has been a tragic year for farmers across the nation.

The rampage of the Missouri River and releasing of water from the reservoirs has destroyed thousands of acres of farmland and reports are not good.

A conservative estimated loss of $85.2 million, the blasting of the Bird’s Point levee in Southeast Missouri flood water inundating over 130,000 acres of rich farmland to save the town of Cairo, remains controversial. Pictures show huge gouges in the fields that will take years to heal. The Wetlands Initiative and other groups are anxious to see the Bird’s Point farms made into a “River Park” while SIU professors and others have advocated it become a huge wetland. Neither option is welcome by farmers who own this property. This land has been farmed for over 100 years and is known for its high productivity.

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New research affirms chocolate milk for athletes

When the time comes to choose what drink to chug after an intense workout, there are a range of options available; water, sports drinks and protein shakes. Yet, researchers Kim Spaccarotella and Walter Andzel have elevated chocolate milk to the top of the list. <more> Nov. 2, 2011 Dairy Herd Management


Glass of milk highlights food ethics discussion

A glass of milk is at the center of a video discussion on ethical choices by Charlie Arnot, CEO, Center for Food Integrity. Arnot discusses "Ethical Choice" and how consumers can make a difference for people, animals and the planet. His example of a glass of milk looks at how the U.S. dairy industry has reduced its carbon footprint and the implications along the entire supply chain.



School milk programs and resources

The pressure is on for schools. Balancing the desire to offer healthier lunchroom options that kids will choose with the need to stay within a tight budget is no easy task.

This is especially important now, since concern about children's nutrition is a high priority. While every school is different, studies show that choosing the right program for your school can significantly increase milk consumption and improve financial performance. And the good news is that even a small change in how milk is offered or promoted can make a big impact on students' choices.

MilkPEP (Milk Processor Education Program) offers schools a variety of programs and materials that can help schools improve their milk program.


Cafeteria Manager Teams Up with Soccer Coach to Help Boost Student Nutrition

In the small community of Fort Jennings, Ohio, everyone helps each other out – and the town revolves around the school kids and their activities. So when the high school soccer coach, Bill Romes, approached cafeteria manager Cheryl Schnipke two years ago about providing lowfat chocolate milk for the team to drink as their recovery beverage after every game and practice, she knew it was the right thing to do for the kids!

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